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Road Traffic Prosecution

The solicitors of The Brighton Law Practice understand that the retention of a driving licence is of immense importance to many. Whether that is to simply allow us to conduct our day to day affairs or perhaps more importantly for business and work reasons, the ability to drive is crucial. Our Brighton based road traffic lawyers approach the defence of all road traffic prosecutions with this in mind. We will give you advice and representation that can very often prove crucial in keeping you on the road.

Our road traffic solicitors work in the courts of Brighton and the local area. Our Brighton based road traffic lawyers can advise on;

  • Dangerous Driving, including Death by Dangerous Driving

  • Careless Driving, including Death by Careless Driving

  • Disqualified Driving

  • Driving without insurance

  • Drink driving and related charges including "drunk in charge of a motor vehicle" offences

  • Speeding

  • Penalty points advice

  • Special reasons proofs re non endorsement of penalty points

  • Exceptional Hardship Proofs to avoid "totting up" disqualification

  • Any offences under The Road Traffic Act 1988 and associated legislation

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